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Support for NIEHS journal from new director

New NIEHS leader looks ahead, Bob Grant, The Scientist NewsBlog, December 9, 2008. Excerpt:

Schwartz resigned from his post earlier this year. One of his most provocative moves was to suggest privatizing and cutting funding for Environmental Health Perspectives, NIEHS’s open-access, peer-reviewed journal. The proposition raised hackles in Washington, DC and beyond, among members of the environmental health and science community.


[New NIEHS director Linda] Birnbaum did say that she is in favor of keeping EHP publically funded. “I’ve always been a strong supporter of EHP,” she told The Scientist. “I feel very fortunate to have it as part of the NIEHS portfolio.”

For some background, see: NIEHS re-commits to its OA journal, Peter Suber, Open Access News, July 2, 2007.


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