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First issue of Int J Stem Cells

The International Journal of Stem Cells published its first issue in November, 2008. The “Greetings” section of the website provides an endorsement by Jae-Kyu Roh MD, PhD, President of the Korean Society for Stem Cells Research.

PDF versions of articles published in the first issue are freely accessible. However, in a response to an email query, Dong-Ik Kim MD, PhD, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, commented that: “We will provide PDF version of articles with no charge for a while“. So, free access to the full text will be available only temporarily.

The same email response from Dong-Ik Kim also provided instructions about how to access the journal’s “Copyright Transfer and Agreement Form“. Via the “Online Submission” section of the website, one can create a new account and log in. Via the “Author Center“, one then clicks on “Submit a New Manuscript“. One then can go immediately to “Proof and Submit” (Step 6 of the submission sequence). The form can be downloaded at this step. An excerpt from the form:

Copyright Transfer and Agreement
The undersigned author assigns and transfers all rights, title, interest, and copyright ownership in the above named manuscript form [sic] the author(s) to International Journal of Stem Cells. The author warrants the originality of the materials in the above-named manuscript and has the authority to convey the copyright on behalf of all coauthors
All materials become the property of International Journal of Stem Cells and may not be published elsewhere without prior written permission from International Journal of Stem Cells.

Comment: Authors do not retain copyright if this form is signed. Might the journal be willing to accept an addition, to the “Copyright Transfer and Agreement Form“, of an Author Addendum that would permit Green OA? I didn’t ask the Editor-in-Chief that question.


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