Plan S, a Work in Progress

Plan S is a controversial European initiative designed to revolutionize scholarly publishing. As summarized by Anette Breindl:

“Plan S mandates that starting in 2020, scientists funded by the national agencies or research councils of 11 nations – Austria, Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and, partially, Sweden – will have to publish their research open-access immediately. (The U.S. NIH has been mandating that NIH-funded research be open-access six months after they are first published.)”.

The Wikipedia entry for Plan S provides detailed information about the initiative.

Tony Ross has provided Thoughts on Plan S implementation guidelines. He suggests several issues about which futher clarification is needed.

Koen Hufkens has authored critique of objections to Plan S. Some controversial aspects of Plan S are addressed.

Concerns about Plan S from the perspective of a commentator from the Global South are discussed here.

Concerns from the perspective of Society Publishers are described here.

Diana Kwon, in an article in The Scientist dated December 19, 2018, presented a perspective on Plan S that included a paragraph entitled “A work in progress“. It can be fearlessly predicted that there will be more progress in relation to Plan S in 2019.


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