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I’m continuing to post to Twitter any OA-related news items that catch my eye, and am continuing to tag these items with the hashtag #OpenAccess.

I’ve also set up Open Access Chronicle, an online newspaper which is based on all recent tweets identified via the hashtag #OpenAccess (or #openaccess). This Daily, which is hosted by, provides a convenient summary of recent OA-related news.


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  1. Jim Till said

    At present, two content streams are being sampled to construct the Open Access Chronicle. First priority is still being given to the Twitter tag #openaccess. Content related to the single Twitter user @oatp (Open Access Tracking Project) has also been added, as a second priority. It’s not clear to me how the software samples these two content streams. However, what’s clear is that some tweets tagged #oa are also being sampled, even though I’ve not specified that such tweets should be a source of content. It’s a puzzle that remains to be solved.

    Most of the section headings (e.g. “Education”, “Health”) are not very helpful, and should be ignored. The section headings #openaccess and #oa lead to separate pages of tweets that aren’t always current ones. Unfortunately the #oa tag is also used for topics other than Open Access, such as “Other Asians“.

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