Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s OA policy

HSF Open access to research outputs policy: Guidelines, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Last updated: June 29, 2010. [FriendFeed entry]. Excerpts:

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s (HSF’s) mission is to lead in eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living, and advocacy. To that end, HSF is committed to enhancing the application of research results. By adopting this policy, HSF expects that the cutting edge research we fund will be freely accessible and useable for the international research community, policymakers, health care administrators, clinicians, and the public.


This policy applies to all publications which report work and findings obtained with the support, in whole or in part, of any type of grant awarded June 1 2010 and onward from the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF). HSF also encourages immediate compliance with this policy by researchers publishing work supported by HSF grants received before June 1 2010.

HSF recognizes that there may be reasonable limitations and exceptions to compliance. However, researchers are expected to make every effort to comply and must notify HSF staff immediately when there are exceptions or limitations.


HSF covers expenses that researchers reasonably may incur related to publishing in Open Access or hybrid scholarly journals.


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