About the first phase of PMC Canada

As noted in a previous post, the first element of the PMC Canada system – the search interface – was launched in October 2009. It allows users to browse, search and download articles.The next element, a manuscript submission system, has been launched. Excerpts from a press release (dated April 28, 2010) that’s available via the website of National Research Council Canada:

PMC Canada supports CIHR’s Policy on Access to Research Outputs, which requires CIHR grant recipients to make their peer-reviewed publications freely accessible online within six months of publication. PMC Canada’s manuscript submission system will enable CIHR-funded researchers to deposit their peer-reviewed articles, exposing their research to a global audience and facilitating collaboration to advance scientific progress.


This first phase of PMC Canada includes a basic bilingual interface, a manuscript submission system for CIHR researchers and a bilingual help desk. Plans for the second phase of the repository will incorporate a customized web front-end along with enhanced reporting and alerting features for system funders and users. An advisory committee of Canadian health researchers and other stakeholders will guide PMC Canada’s future development.



  1. Jim Till said

    The same news release, Canada joins international network providing free access to health research (dated April 28, 2010) is also available via the CIHR website.

  2. Jim Till said

    See also: PubMed Central Canada: A free archive of life sciences journals (available via the CIHR website) last modified April 29, 2010. Contains some information about the bilingual interface for submitting manuscripts.

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