Updates sent to Twitter, August 2009

Updates related to OA, sent to Twitter during August 2009:

RT @petersuber: For news about open access, follow @oatp (OA Tracking Project) [August 28].

RT @petersuber: The Twitter version of the OATP feed is now available at the OATP Twitter account [August 27]: http://twitter.com/oatp

RT @petersuber: For a short time, the OATP feed was available here. No more.  [August 27] Details: http://ur1.ca/akti

OA tracking project (OATP) via Twitter [August 27]: http://bit.ly/KBfj1

Peter Suber is sending updates about #openaccess to Twitter [August 26]: http://twitter.com/petersuber

Business Week Runs Sloppy Science Policy Analysis (critique re errors and omissions about OA) [August 25]: http://bit.ly/31e2y4

Peter Scott’s Library Blog: Scholas – social file-sharing for academics [August 24]: http://bit.ly/rfKBM

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research adopts an OA mandate [August 21]: http://bit.ly/2O0f

What You Might Not Know About (Biomedical) Journals [August 18]: http://is.gd/2mI6Z

“The Strength of Weak Ties: Why Twitter Matters in Scholarly Communication” [August 17]: http://tr.im/wkZs

Elsevier is going the wrong way [August 16]: http://bit.ly/D16Am

A taxonomy of articles in PubMed Central [August 12]: http://bit.ly/1Zs0e

Protocol for implementing #openaccess #data http://bit.ly/pE2Yl for #research #databases [August 2]

Journal publishers that have formally indicated cooperation with Harvard’s open access policies [August 1]: http://bit.ly/G4msN


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