Updates sent to Twitter, July 2009

Updates related to OA, sent to Twitter during July 2009:

Stuart Lewis’ Blog: “Email your repository” (email items in to your repository using SWORD & IMAP) #swordapp [July 30]: http://bit.ly/IFGQf

Addressing the scandal of the knowledge divide [July 30]: http://tinyurl.com/nvhshy

How the GNU Eprints.org request button has been implemented at Universite du Quebec a Montreal’s repository [July 25]: http://bit.ly/Rh4xj

Reasons why Physical Review D, 97% on the arXiv, has not lost subscriptions (Gene D Sprouse, APS) [July 25]: http://tinyurl.com/nyt3nm

PLoS decides to stop promoting journal impact factors on their sites [July 23] – see last paragraph at: https://www.plos.org/cms/node/478/

Wikipedia at the NIH (aimed at improving public knowledge about health, science, and medicine) [July 20]: http://bit.ly/P5OXO

Working paper by P. Gaule and N. Maystre, 2008; Getting cited: does open access help? [July 20]: http://bit.ly/13cfzw

Hark – PubMedCentral Canada on the horizon! Social Justice Librarian, July 15, 2009 [July 17]: http://bit.ly/EigX6

AACR, publisher of journal Cancer Research, launches manuscript deposition service [July 12]: http://bit.ly/FDUNo

Agreement process completed on a three-way partnership to establish PubMed Central Canada (PMC Canada) [July 7]: http://bit.ly/18ZUa

OATP project RSS feed for Connotea tag oa.new plus feed for a Twitter search for the hashtag #OpenAccess [July 6]: http://bit.ly/12g1rY
[Tweet][Archived FF link]

ACM’s publication model http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1538788.1538789 described as ‘clopen’ [July 4]. [Forwarded from: http://ff.im/4LBRW]


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