Project to improve European cancer communications

New Web site launches $1.7 million project to improve European cancer communications, EurekAlert, July 19, 2009. Excerpt:

The Eurocancercoms project is an initiative of the European Institute of Oncology and is led by ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation and ecancermedicalscience (an online, open access journal).

Comment: The OA journal ecancermedicalscience has published three volumes, one for each of 2007 (7 articles), 2008 (34 articles) and 2009 (16 articles, so far). Free registration is required to view the full text of an article. About the journal: “It is free to publish your paper, it is free to register and read – and you’re free to comment online, on the science, the editorials, the policy papers or the case reports“. The journal uses the name ecancer on Twitter. A FriendFeed search for ecancer (on July 24, 2009) yielded tweets from dated March 4, 2009 or later. Tweets dated February 23, 1009 or later were available (again, on July 24, 2009) from the ecancer site itself. I have not yet found a way to archive links to individual tweets.


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