Comic: Nature vs. Science

Nature vs. Science, pt. 2, PHD Comics, July 17, 2009. From the third panel: “It [supporting the business of Nature] sounds outrageous, but scientists will do it, because they want to be published“. The second panel provides a concise summary, in cartoon format, of the toll-access business model.

Comment: Found via a FriendFeed entry from Bora Zivkovic (Coturnix). Updates about PHD Comics (by Jorge Cham) are available from phdcomics via Twitter. Nature vs. Science, pt. 1 and PHD Comics, from 1997 onwards, are available from the archive. A Blogs search for mention of PHD Comics on Nature Networks (on July 20, 2009) yielded 5 results. One of these is Yes, Timo, we do! by Heather Etchevers, July 20, 2009. Excerpts:

The second panel might seem amusing or cynical, depending on your point of view, but it is realistic. …..

The third panel is a bit facile. Scientists “do it” because they want to be published in one of these two journals in particular.


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  1. Jim Till said

    See also: Nature vs Science vs Open Access?? pt. 4, PHD Comics, August 5, 2009. [Tweet from Bora Zivkovic][FriendFeed entry from Bora Zivkovic].

    And, PLoS ONE hits the Comics Section, Peter Binfield,, August 7, 2009. [FriendFeed entry from Bora Zivkovic].

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