Real-time Nanoscience updates

The Twitter Journal of Nanoscience is a new informal service, not a peer review journal. Excerpt from its webpage:

TTJN aims to be an informal, central point for collection of interesting information and updates from scientists on the front-line of Nanoscience research and spreading this information, 140 characters at a time to its audience on Twitter. Articles can be on interesting observations from the laboratory, a picture of something you’ve seen through a microscope, letting people know about your ASAP article in a journal, anything really, we’ll leave it up to you and see how it grows over time

[Twitter user name for TTJN: JournalofNano. See: Twitter JOURNALS, found via a FriendFeed entry from Bill Hooker].


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  1. Jim Till said

    See also: What Is This Real-Time Thing, And Where Is It Going?, Louis Gray,, July 12, 2009. Excerpt: “The conclusions? We are at the very beginning, still, of determining how to best harness the firehose of real time data. Tools like Twitter Search, FriendFeed, TweetDeck, Seesmic, TweetMeme and others are working to parse the signal from the noise.”

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