Updates sent to Twitter, June 2009

Updates related to OA, sent to Twitter during June 2009:

End of the line for science journalism? Maxine Clarke, Petrona, June 25, 2009 [June 30]: http://ff.im/4pLN7

New OA Journal for Single Cell Analysis [June 29]: http://www.sca.openaccesspublications.com/
[Blog post].

Revised OA Policy of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance [June 28]: http://bit.ly/yWayn – Policy (PDF) at: http://is.gd/1h1JG
[Bookmark in Connotea].

Benefits of Open Access for research dissemination, OASIS (last updated June 7, 2009) [June 14]: http://tinyurl.com/ll2owe

Should OASPA membership become a seal of approval for all-OA publishing operations? Some thoughts [June 14]: http://bit.ly/qyPE6

Editors quit after fake paper flap (news item plus comments) [June 12]: http://bit.ly/oqIXm

Steps a university can take in support of OA. (Blog post about a report for Concordia University) [June 11]: http://tinyurl.com/mcst43

Fake journal, sham paper accepted. What other breaches of publication ethics have we yet to uncover? [June 11]: http://tinyurl.com/nclt49

PowerPoint presentation at a York University workshop on compliance with CIHR’s OA policy [June 10]: http://bit.ly/VuNDd

Example of a publisher reversing current policy and agreeing to accept the SPARC author’s addendum [June 6]: http://is.gd/QRKH

Merck Passes The Buck, Elsevier Fails to Go Far Enough in Phony Journal Scandal, blog.bioethics.net (4 June) [June 5]: http://is.gd/PmFj

As a result of the mandates, UK PubMed Central Blog, June 1, 2009 [June 3]: http://is.gd/NaoV – Slideshow at: http://bit.ly/2YGKk4


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