Updates sent to Twitter, April 2009

Updates related to OA, sent to Twitter during April 2009:

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) rejects Harvard’s Copyright Addendum (but does permit Green OA) [April 30]:  http://bit.ly/s4yyQ

The Open-Access Era (about the Personal Genome Project making genotypic and phenotypic information publicly available) [April 29]:  http://is.gd/vqEw

Data sharing in genomics — re-shaping scientific practice [April 26]:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19308065

The Semantic Web of Life Science (about the Resource Description Framework, RDF) [April 25]:  http://bit.ly/pUniK

Engaging a New Generation of Authors, Reviewers & Readers through Web 2.0 (Michael Habib of Elsevier, on Slideshare) [April 25]:  http://is.gd/utC8

Libraries around the world support OA to critical research from developing countries (Bioline International News Blog) [April 24]:  http://bit.ly/ectDB

Another Canadian Health Research Funder OA Policy: CHSRF [Canadian Health Services Research Foundation][April 23]:  http://is.gd/u4kl

Semantic Enhancements of a Research Article [April 20]:  http://tinyurl.com/cwvhxh

Towards agreement on best practice for publishing raw clinical trial data [April 9]:  http://www.trialsjournal.com/content/10/1/17

Clickstream Data Yields High-Resolution Maps of Science (PLoS ONE 2009; 4(3): e4803) [April 9]:  http://tinyurl.com/crm9zy

From Online Journals, a New Map of Scientific Research [April 9]:  http://blogs.currentprotocols.com/?p=208

Conference on Open Access Learning, June 11-13, 2009 in Saskatoon SK [April 1]:  http://www.usask.ca/learningcommons/conference.php


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