Life sciences video methods journal goes closed access

JoVE Leaves Open Access Behind by Philip Davis, The Scholarly Kitchen, April 6, 2009. Excerpts:

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) has implemented a subscription model, ending a short reign of free access to high-quality scientific videos.


Institutional subscriptions now range from $1,000 for small colleges to $2,400 for PhD-granting institutions, prices which are in league with other commercial scientific journals.  In addition, authors are charged $1,500 per article for video production services ($500 without), and there are open access options: $3,000/article with production services ($2,000 without).

See also: Life sciences video methods journal goes closed access by Elie Dolgin,, April 6, 2009 [Free registration required]. Excerpt:

“To continue the [open access] approach, we would have to ask academic labs to pay us $6000 per video to cover our operation costs, and that’s simply not possible today,” Moshe Pritsker, CEO and editor-in-chief of JoVE, told The Scientist. “We like open access, we just can’t survive on it.”


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  1. mosaicvp said

    I am not surprised at all. Anyone who knows video production process in depth can tell you that professional videos are very are very costly this days. Someone have to cover the cost.
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