Updates sent to Twitter, March 2009

Updates related to OA, sent to Twitter during March 2009:

EPrints: repository software of the future or of the past? [podcast][March 27]: http://www.rsp.ac.uk/podcasts/files/eprints.mp3

India debates open access, TheScientist.com, March 24, 2009 [free registration required][March 25]: http://tinyurl.com/cuoeu8

First post of everyONE, the PLoS ONE community blog [March 25]: http://tinyurl.com/cj8dao

Wellcome Trust OA mandate will be enforced, A Scientist and the Web, petermr’s blog, Mar 7, 2009 [March 9]: http://tinyurl.com/ckr6wh

Harold Varmus, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology co-chair, on the Daily Show, March 3 [March 8]: http://tinyurl.com/dft2tq

The Price of Knowledge (about OA, from the U. of Edinburgh’s magazine EuSci, Jan 2009, via the Neuronism blog) [March 8]: http://tinyurl.com/bdxx37

Framing the Open Access debate (in favor of non-profit society publishers) [March 4]: http://tinyurl.com/bhsyho


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  1. Jim Till said

    Gunther Eysenbach has noted that “As twitter and microblogging is gaining momentum as a social phenomenon, a number of researchers start wondering how to cite tweets ….. A related issue is how to digitally preserve and archive tweets. For example, using twitter search, one can currently only search a few months back, older tweets are not retrievable.” See: How to cite twitter, how to cite tweets, how to archive tweets (April 5, 2009).

    He then describes how to archive tweets using WebCite®.

    I’ve not archived the links to tweets that are included (as dates) in Updates sent to Twitter, March 2009, so they may cease to be retrievable. I plan only to archive tweets that provide information that may be of continuing interest.

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