Researchers and the blogosphere

This editorial: It’s good to blog, in Nature 2009(Feb 26); 457(7223): 1058, includes a link to a discussion site. The discussion site, at (entitled: Science, journalism or public discourse? ), attracted many comments. These included such a substantial number of spam posts that the topic was locked by the forum moderators on March 1, 2009. Some posts included links to other related discussions, such as one in a post by Maxine Clarke (dated Feb 26, 2009), with a link to: Why do we blog and other important questions, answered by 34 science bloggers (Martin Fenner, Gobbledygook, November 30, 2008). Excerpt from the end of this summary of responses, by 34 bloggers, to a short questionnaire:

I think a meme like this would also work in preparation for a science blogging conference. Some other possible questions could be:

* What is the intended audience for your blog?
* What part of writing a blog post do you like the most/least?
* How do you find topics for your blog posts?
* Do you write about your own work?

Comment: My own answers, for this blog:

Intended audience: Anyone who is interested.
Least liked aspect: Typos.
How topics found: Many ways, including RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc.
Write about own work?: Blogs = work.


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