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Public domain access E-resources

Several Public Domain Access E-Resources are listed by the Bangalore University Library. One of the resources is Marsland Press.

Several journals are named on the left-hand frame of the webpage at The initial ones are published by Marsland Press. The remainder, beginning with China Media Research, are not (although one must click on each link to distinguish those published by Marsland Press from those that are not). PDF versions of articles published by Marsland Press journals are publicly accessible (Gratis OA).

Another website for Marsland Press, at, currently lists two additional journals, Stem Cell and World Rural Observations. Articles are currently being solicited for the initial issue of both of these journals.

The new journal Stem Cell should not be confused with an existing journal, Stem Cells, co-published by AlphaMed Press and Wiley-Blackwell. The latter is a Hybrid open access journal.


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