Grants support OA journal in 2009

The OA journal Ethics & Global Politics was launched in 2007 and published its first issues in 2008. A recent Announcement (November 15, 2008):

Publishing in Ethics & Global Politics is free in 2009 due to generous grants by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research and Swedish Research Council.

This journal provides an example of a peer-reviewed OA journal that does not charge authors an article-processing fee. (There are many others. See, for example, Bill Hooker, Open Reading Frame, December 2, 2007).

The journal uses, as its publishing system, Open Journal Systems

An example of a recent article: Borders on the mind: re-framing border thinking by John Agnew, Ethics & Global Politics 2008; 1(4), 2008: 175-191. The last two sentences of the Abstract:

Thinking about borders should be opened up to consider territorial spaces as ‘dwelling’ rather than national spaces and to see political responsibility for pursuit of a ‘decent life’ as extending beyond the borders of any particular state. Borders matter, then, both because they have real effects and because they trap thinking about and acting in the world in territorial terms.


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