Another Canadian access policy

The National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) supports cancer research in Canada using funds raised by the Canadian Cancer Society and the Terry Fox Foundation. The NCIC now has an Open access policy.  (Version dated 01 August 2008 archived by WebCite® at: Excerpts:

Effective July 2009, all researchers supported in whole or in part through the NCIC are required to make their published results of NCIC supported work publicly available. Researchers are encouraged to make their work publicly available as soon as possible, but must do so no later than six months after the final publication date.


As part of this policy, the NCIC will provide support for any charges levied by publishers that are required to comply with this open access process. Such charges may be included as legitimate research expenses (fully justified as with all other expenses) in the budget of a research grant submission.

See also: Open access policy FAQs. (Version dated 01 August 2008 archived by WebCite® at: Excerpt:

9. What if a journal is compliant with open access, but does not allow the paper to be made freely available until 12 months after publication?
Researchers are able to submit their work to a journal that does not support public availability within six months of the publication date. The NCIC does not wish to compromise the ability of researchers to publish in high-impact journals. However, researchers must inform the NCIC of this limitation and the paper must be made freely available as soon as possible. Please email when this issue arises for monitoring purposes. Like other agencies, the NCIC is applying pressure to non-compliant journals to allow for public availability within six months.

Comment: The NCIC policy is similar to the Policy on Access to Research Outputs of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).



  1. Jim Till said

    For Peter Suber’s comments, see: NCIC adopts an OA mandate, Open Access News, October 1, 2008.

  2. Thanks, Jim, and kudos to NCIC! This policy has been added to my Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement series – see

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