Alpha version of Freebase

Freebase is “an open, shared database of the world’s knowledge“.

From the Freebase FAQ:

1. What is Freebase?

Freebase is a uniquely structured database that you can easily search, add to and edit; you can also use the data in it to power your own projects. It’s a data commons in the way that a public square is a land commons—available to anyone to use.

Freebase covers millions of topics in hundreds of categories. It’s been seeded with a few million topics from open sources, including Wikipedia and Musicbrainz

Freebase Policies:
* Licensing Policy
* Copyright Policy
* Privacy Policy
* Terms of Service

Example: Search for “open access”.

The first two search results: Open access and Open access publishing.


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  1. tillje said

    Freebase schemas, Gwen Harris, Internet News, September 10, 2007.

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