Genome sequence of an individual human

There’s an OA publication, The Diploid Genome Sequence of an Individual Human, by Samuel Levy and 30 co-authors, including J. Craig Venter, in PLoS Biol 2007(4 Sep); 5(10): e254.

This article has already attracted the attention of news media, and bloggers are beginning to post comments. Two examples:

J. Craig Venter, thoroughly exposed…, by Coturnix (Bora Zivkovic), A Blog Around the Clock, 3 September, 2007. Excerpt:

… the new paper actually uses his [J. Craig Venter’s] personal genome to do some nifty stuff, as this is the first time a genome containing the sequences from BOTH sets of chromosomes of a single individual has been sequenced, with some interesting insights …

In the Genome Race, the Sequel Is Personal, by Matt Dowling, Ontogeny blog, 3 September 2007. Excerpt:

Though there are now novel technologies for decoding DNA very cheaply, Dr. Venter’s genome sequence could set a high bar for a long time. It was decoded with an old method, known as Sanger sequencing, that is expensive but analyzes stretches of DNA up to 800 units in length. The cheaper new technologies at present analyze pieces of DNA only 200 units or so long, and the shorter lengths are much harder to assemble into a complete genome.

Many more comments from bloggers can be anticipated. The profile of OA (and, especially, Gold OA), will be elevated.


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