On the commons (and MaRS)

MaRS (a not-for-profit corporation founded in 2000 and located in Toronto’s downtown “Discovery District”) hosts a blog. A recent post in the ‘Today’s Picks‘ category of the blog is Valuing the commons, by Kathryn Fitzgerald, 24 July 2007. An excerpt:

The idea of a commons encompassing both tangible natural resources and intangible assets like information is gaining ground in contemporary discourse. The concept has been used to support diverse goals, from the regulation of carbon dioxide to open access to information. In business, the idea of the commons drives the corporate social responsibility movement, and is the inspiration behind entrepreneur Peter Barnes’ recent book, Capitalism 3.0: A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons.

Also, links are provided to:

Creative Commons


Science Commons

What’s MaRS about? As noted in the webpage Explore MaRS,

MaRS is a convergence innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of new ideas and new technologies by fostering the coming together of capital, science and business.

So, MaRS can be regarded as a Canadian example of a contemporary approach to science policy. (See also some comments about science policy in the previous post, Open Access Science and Science Policy).

For more information about MaRS, see:

MaRS Discovery District (via the website of the Office of the Premier of Ontario)

Visit MaRS (via the website of the Innovations Group, University of Toronto)

MaRS Phase 2 (John Barber. Globe & Mail, 19 June 2007, via the SkyscraperPage.com Forum)

MaRS Discovery District (from Wikipedia)

One of the MaRS Centre tenants is the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). On 30 May 2007, I attended an event at the MaRS Center (I’m grateful to the OICR for the invitation). This is a news item about the event: Canada and California team up in fight against cancer. Might this latter collaboration involve, as it develops, some “open access science”? I hope so.


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